Zinc and aluminum automaticsolution refilling machine

    Collapsible mobile door panel
Suitable for die casting machine production line for no more than 15 sets (depending on size of machine).

Elevated structure, occupies no floor space.
I-shape rails, high strength, powerful rigidity, excellent stability.
Adopts box-type electric rail transmission, no problem of pulling cables.
Safety type electric rail, excellent sealing performance, low problem rate.
dialogue-style man-machine interface, display of error self-detection.
Optional internet system can be used for maintenance and inspection, high efficiency, maintenance and servicing accessible to all parts of the world.
Refill of solution to meet different requirements, more for larger machines, less for smaller machines.
Reduces temperature difference of melting solution, enhances quality stability
centralized melting to reduce wastage of zinc/aluminum during melting process
centralized melting to reduce fuel consumption

Exterior centralized type indicator lamps, for understanding of material shortage and refilling conditions

Ceramic ladle PLC main control box

Interior of control box
(Mitsubishi PLC)

Modle Aluminum automatic solution
refilling machine
Zinc automatic solution
refilling machine
Power source 220V/3PH 220V/3PH
Main control machine PLC+POD PLC+POD
Solution refilling flow-process moter 1HP 1HP
Moving speed 80m/min(Max) )60m/min(Ave) 80m/min(Max) )60m/min(Ave)
Solution obtaining depth 600mm 300mm
Solution ladle up and down flowing process 800mm 500mm
Solution refilling ability ( zinc/aluminum) 40 ~ 80kg 25 ~ 80kg
Solution refilling slanting angle 45o 45o
Solution refilling station quantity with 15 units with 20 units
Machine size 950 x 700 x 2380 950 x 700 x 2380
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