1. By applying low hydraulic pressure, the temperature of oil will not rise (maintained at
    48-50 degree)
. With low failure rate of the parts, long lifetime of the machine is certain.
2. When the machine is inactive, zero loading will be applied to hydraulic device, which
    will save 30% of electric power.
3. Effective pressure intensification, which can increase the pressure 2-3 times higher,
    will achieve an absolute result of pressure rise.

4. The absolutely effective injection and powerful injection force are the major advantages of our die-casting machine.
5. Automatic mold setup and mold thickness adjustment can initiate the production status
    for the die casting in the shortest period of time.
6. Complete design can increase 30% of yield per hour.


7. P.L.C. control is implemented, so the machine is easy to operate and perform
    maintenance (oneself manual maintenance is also allowed).

8. To fulfill the yield requirements for our customers, the machine can operate
    without stopping for a long period of time.



This die-casting product is a product made by our 400 ton die-casting machine.
  Weight: 2kgs, Dimensions: 57.5cmx28.2cmx9.2cm
This die-casting product is a product made by our 250 ton die-casting machine with 0.8mm thin wall thickness.

Merits of injection hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic barrelĄG
  (1) Enhanced injection function for reinforcing the product density.
(2) Digital injection control for easier operation and record keeping.
(3) 3-section injection layout for multi-function adjustment, thus it is
      applicable for manufacturing high-density products of various
      thicknesses ( 0.8mm thin-wall ).
Die-claming hydraulic cylinder is optional for fast and slow speed adjustment and return-check device die-claming (to be freely adjusted depending on the product requirements) .
In the oil path, a 2-section oil pump is designed to work with the
Unloading Relief Valves for easier pressure setting and sensitive pressure makeup. Upon restoring pressure, the oil pump will be at zero load to keep the oil temperature from rising, which is the special feature of this machine.
The hydraulic circuitry parts are Japanese made and the pressure accumulators are also imported from Italy and Japan; the above are both to ensure the performance and the life of the machine.
Behind die adjustment for digital display and easier operation, for 60 mold setup memory.
The structure is welded by steel plates, which provides high
precision, robustness, safe and smooth operation and easier cleaning and maintenance.
High rigidity die-locking base (steel casting 45C ), curve arm precision machining and nitrite mandrel treatment for durability and roughness.
Injection rod (45C), plunger (45C) and shot sleeve (SKD61) are made of friction resistant material for a prolonged lifespan
In addition to installation, calibration and training, we also provide after-service division, relevant peripherals and integral design for enhancing the production efficiency.
Our company provides a maintenance service for the die cast machines made by worldwide brands, and the renewal of old machines as well.
All the oil and circuitry control systems are developed independently by our company, not integrated and assembled by subcontracting companies.
MITSUBISHI P.L.C. controls are applied, which have a simple design and are easy to operate (learn and be familiar within 2-8 hours), and oneself manual maintenance is also allowed.
The temperature inside the control box will not rise, which is much more suitable for sub-tropical countries.
Control panels are easy to understand, and manual setup and automatic adjustment control are also available.
Automatic display of all causes of failures with solutions provided is implemented, and by using alphanumeric buttons for the input, the automatic adjustment control status will be initiated.
Touch screen system,automatic control,adjustment, memory.
Shot pressure & shot speed drawing

1.Accumulator: Nippon Accumulator(Japan), Nave Accumulator(Italy).
2.Valve: Yuken, Tokimec, Vickers(U.S.A).
3.Moto: Teco, Tatung(Taiwan).
4.Telay: Idec(Japan).
6.Rotary Encoder:(Koyo)
7.Converter: Omron(Japan), Delta(Taiwan).
8.light, Swith: Idec(Japan),Omron(Japan).
10.Motion Swith: Kikkai(Japan)
11.Pressure detector: Kyowa(Japan).
12.Monitor: Pro Face.(Japan).
13.Control Unit: Idec(Japan)
14.Pressure Swith: ACT(Japan)
15. Hydraulic Moto: Sauer-Danfoss(Denmark)

Except construction we use all the worldwide well-know brand components.

Please attention follow things for purchase die casting machine.
1. production cycle(special on opening closign plate speed).
2.low failure rate of production.
3.ensure the product density.
4.inject die parts weight,
5.inject die parts dimension and area(special on thin wall 0.8mm).
6.intensification injection.
7.initiate diecasting production status.
8.machine operation,(even women can do).


9.automatic adjustment and control.
10.easy maintaining,
11.save electric power.
12.long time running.
13.long life time.
14.machine weight.
15.easy to recondition machine.
16.afer service and service expenses.

Cold Chamber
Without die mold
with die mold
Wight/per mold
Area/per mold
100t 6 molds/pre minute 5 molds/pre minute 0.8 to1.2 kgs 150*150mm
150t 6 molds/pre minute 3.2 to 3.6 molds/pre minute 1.6 to 2 kgs 200*200mm
200t 5 molds/pre minute 3 molds/pre minute 2 to 2.5 kgs 220*220mm
250t 4 molds/pre minute 2.5 to 3 molds/pre minute 2.5 to 3 kgs 250*250mm
400t 3 molds/pre minute 2 to 2.5 molds/pre minute 3.6 to 4.5 kgs 400*400mm
500t 3 molds/pre minute 2 molds/pre minute 6.5 to 7.5 kgs 520*520mm
650t 2 molds/pre minute 40 to 42 sec/per mold 8.9 to 9 kgs 650*650mm
800t 2 molds/pre minute 50 to 55 sec/per mold 10.5 to 13 kgs 850*850mm

Loading into container state

two 1000t machines dispatch state

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